New Year's Clean: Top Tips

There is no feeling quite like having a super clean and tidy house. What better excuse is there than the new year to have a proper clean and sort out? Here at Housewares Direct, we know how important it is to keep your home spic and span: tidy home, tidy mind! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite tips to make sure you get through the big new year clean in no time at all and, maybe, even enjoy it!

Find out what needs cleaning


This may sound super obvious but knowing exactly what you need to clean will stop you from wasting time on things that are still in good shape and forgetting about things that could really do with a once over. Make sure you really inspect your house: don’t forget about places like the skirting boards, behind the fridge, and even underneath your furniture. Knowing what needs sorting is better than going into it blind!


Make a list


Once you have looked to see what needs sorting out, make sure to write it down. That way, you won’t forget exactly what needs doing, and you can tick it off as you go along! Organise tasks by room and write them down in the order you’d probably complete them. By working through a list, you’ll get that satisfying feeling that you’re making progress!


Get everything you need


You don’t want to fall at the first hurdle, so make sure you have all the products and tools you need to get your house in order. From bleach and cleaning sprays to scourers and wipes, make sure you have everything sorted before you start.


Get help


Teamwork makes the dream work! If you’re not the only person in your household, then get everyone involved. You’ll get through it much quicker if you’re all working together. Plus, everyone will have the satisfaction of making the house spotless!


Work systematically


Instead of working room to room, it might be more efficient to work task to task. You won’t have to keep swapping equipment and products, and it will help you to get the big, time-consuming tasks out of the way first. That way, you can’t keep putting them off!